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How we began

Its oil good was established in Melbourne in 2019, when our founder Siobhan was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (thyroid disease).

With determination on her side she began making a conscious effort to remove all toxic products she was using on her skin, in her hair and in her home and find safe and chemical free alternatives. However being more mindful of the products she chose proved to be a costly and challenging exercise and that wasn't the only issue she faced. 
As animals are close to her heart, bring in animal rescue for twelve years, these products also needed to be vegan and cruelty free.

After completion of haircare and skin care degrees, extensive research and discussions with experts, Siobhan discovered a way to combine scientifically proven and widely accepted herbal remedies that were 100% chemical free with a cruelty free method.

Further having qualifications as a veterinary assistant, animal psychologist, nutritionist and behaviourist she has also created a niche animal range that targets anxiety and skin concerns in dogs and cats.

our team + inspiration



Model & Production manager

Meet Kendra our favourite multi-tasker. Passionate about creating and production she is also one of our models and long time advocates of our products.



Photographer & Marketing

Meet Shannon our inhouse photographer from sj_vp photography. Shannon brings our vision for the products to life through not only photography but through our product design and marketing strategies.


Kendra & Chloe

Kendra and chloe are the inspiration behind the "KHLO" natural botox serum and Ageless serums. Their zest for life, empowerment to women and inspiration is exactly what these serums represent. That we can all be ageless and rewind time through not only our skin but also our actions and inspiration to others.



Jade is our inspiration behind the Jade facial oil. Unfortunately no longer with us, her determination and ability to live in the moment and her love of nature, to take advantage of the ingredients the earth provides is a true inspiration to her memory and our product.