Formulated with organic Apricot kernel oil, raspberry seed oil, pomegranate oil, organic rose hip, acaci berry and vitimin E combined with powerful essential oils. This super treatment oil  is specifically targeted for oily skin to brighten, balance oil production and repair compromised skin and pores. 


*Raspberry seed oil: Contains vitimin E, A and omega 3 & 6. Protects against UVB (SPF 28-50) & UVA (SPF 8) rays, making it the perfect oil and sunscreen. (Oily skin, mature skin, combination skin)


*Pomegranate seed oil: Anti-inflamatory, antioxiandant, anti-aging, high omega 5 fatty acids, free radical scavenger, unclogs pores and relives symptoms of acne.


Luminosity treatment oil . Oily skin 30ml